Sembawang Estate

About :
Sembawang is an area in the northern most part of Singapore, covering the major area mass within the Sembawang Group Representation Constituency. The current Member of Parliament for the Sembawang Constituency is Khaw Boon Wan. The constituency legislation expands into the Woodlands New Town, surrounding the Woodlands, Marsiling and Admiralty constituency. It is the nearest point to Malaysia.

The Sembawang Road End area contains some of the historically essential colonial architecture which continues to be standing on the primary land until this day. Towards the north-west can be found the new residential of scotland - Sembawang, changing the past satellite town of Sembawang Road End, of which the latter was phrased out in beginning of 2004 under the Particular En bloc Redevelopment Plan.

Transportation :
One of the key roads which was build to link the naval base to the city center in the South is Sembawang Road. This road started as a track in the 1920s and was formally known as Sembawang Road in 1938. Buses operated by various private organizations were the major mode of transport. This road was also marked with many villages along its length: Chye Kay Village, Sungei Simpang Village, Chong Pang Village, Sembawang Village. Most of these villages were cleared from 1970s - 1990s to create way for Yishun and Sembawang New Towns. The last of the villages, Kampong Wak Hassan, was cleared in 1998. Present day Sembawang Road is a significant arterial road connecting the North and Central part of Singapore.

Many other roads in Sembawang are still known after various Royal Navy Dockyards, warships, Admirals, nations and places. For example Wellington, Canberra, North america, Gibraltar, Southern africa and Falkland. These names were given during the previous British administration, and indicate the town's history as a British naval base.


Bottle Shrub Village
The Bottle Tree Village is located at the end of Jalan Mempurong and is known for its Bottle Plants (Brachychiton rupestris) flown in from Queensland, Australia. Apart from these, other Australian flora can be identified in the surroundings.

Sembawang Park
Sembawang Park, a 15 hectare tranquil park developed in the 1970s and maintained by the National Parks Board, is situated at the North tip of Sembawang Street. One of the few parks in Singapore with a natural beach, the Wak Hassan Beach, this park is a heaven for city dwellers who are tired of the never-ending tangible buildings and sky-scrapers. It's a popular spot for campers as well as families who wish to spend an idyllic day by the beach. One can dine at the Beaulieu House, built in 1910, which was the residence of Admiral Sir Geoffrey Layton (Commander-in-Chief British Eastern Fleet, 1940–1942). A wide range of fauna and flora awaits visitors, ranging from the spectacular Rule Football shrub (Couroupita guianensis) to the many species of birds which have made the park their nesting reasons.

Sembawang Hot Spring
The Sembawang Hot Springtime, discovered in 1909, is situated near the junction of Sembawang Road and Gambas Avenue, on Jalan Ulu Sembawang. It is Singapore mainland's only natural hot spring and was once canned for sale under the label Seletaris by Fraser and Neave, a food and beverage organization. Situated on place used by the Ministry of Defence, were enhancement works carried out in the space around the spring and it was re-opened to the public on 1 May 2002.

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